The Absolute Best WordPress Theme of All Time Hands Down

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The Best WordPress Theme is: Stack by TommusRhodus I didn’t think that WordPress would evolve any further as I watch this ancient empire slowly become obsolete. I am a long time follower of TommusRhodus and their work has always been top notch. What WordPress lacks esthetically companies like

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Web Design for 2017 and Beyond

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Reaching Hyperreality: Trends in Web Design for 2017 and Beyond The history of web design is already some several hundred pages long, despite its considerably short age, as it is barely in its ’30s. That comprehensive timeline is tied to the boom of the ICT in the late ’90s. The Internet market

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Is Your Design Company Screwing You Over?

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I have been a freelance designer for 15+ years. Working with all types of clients there has been a resounding theme. I end up rescuing many of them from a company or designer that literally has them trapped in a nonsensical mumbo jumbo of made up fees and back-end decisions that appear to only

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Latest Web Design Trends for 2015

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The Literal State of Art: Latest Web Design Trends for 2015

It seems like yesterday, but web design has been out around since the late ’80s. The last 15 years however are arguably the golden age of web design, not only due to the fast-paced development of new technologies in the context ofRead more…